You’re Part of a Crowd.
Now Find Your Tribe.

Federated learning works better in clusters:
We call them Tribes (beta).

Fantix is live and it works like a dream wherever there is a critical mass of participants supplying abstractions of their data and using them to collaborate on well-defined, niche-specific models. Depth of data in each business niche is crucial.

To start, we at Fantix have secured partners that will act as data suppliers (Epsilon, Advan, etc.), but our federation is not meant to be run centrally by the Fantix team. Our vision is to facilitate a decentralized ecosystem in which members can launch specific initiatives by forming their own tribes.

These below are the tribes that are currently live or recruiting members. We're also always interested in partnering with businesses who would like to start their own tribe.

Start your own tribe

Don't see a tribe that fits your current needs? Let us know. We receive many expressions of interest for use cases and verticals that we haven't yet had a chance to consolidate. We'd be thrilled to support you.