How it works

Train Predictive
Consumer AI Models
on Data Abstractions

Fantix is a federation of companies that pool abstractions of their data. This critical mass of information is the backbone of an easy-to-use application that helps brands train models, gain insights, build targeting audiences, personalize user experiences, and monetize data without selling or compromising it. The best part: no coding is required.

Data abstraction

Easy, Secure, Private by design

Abstractions are anonymous, aggregated, irreversible representations of data sets. They are generated locally in your system so that no user level information ever leaves your servers. Your data is safe because we don’t transmit or transfer it anywhere.


Create your first abstraction

The Fantix application can be installed on a laptop, a server or a cloud instance. It's a no-code tool that takes hours (in the worst case) to install and run. Datasets are processed locally and no user-level data is ever transmitted or transferred out of your environment.


Chose one or more tribes to collaborate

Machine Learning works better in clusters: we call them tribes. Each tribe has a stated purpose (like train models or build targeting audiences for a specific industry): you can join as many as you like. Tribes aren't siloes -- your activity won't be fenced into them -- but they help you find specific opportunities for collaboration.


Sit back, relax, and count your $$

If you choose to make your abstractions available for the federation to train models on, you don't need to do much after creating your first abstraction. Some members of the federation may be interested in furthering their collaboration, but Fantix can be a passive investment: create an abstraction and get back to your other work.

Let's Collab!

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Fantix powers data-driven but data-less collaborations that protect consumer privacy and business confidentiality.