Artificial Intelligence to Power
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The shift to a privacy-first world is irreversible. Achieving business growth and delivering personalized experiences without compromising consumer privacy requires a new approach to business data science and predictive analytics.
our GOAL

Democratizing access to AI

Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms require large amounts of data to be trained. Our models are trained across a federation of large data owners and can generate synthetic data to help companies unlock the power of artificial intelligence for business and marketing data science.

GenAI for tabular Data

Customer data Enrichment and Market Research

Our turnkey models for synthetic data generation, Yellowcake™️ and Supernova™️, help businesses fill the gaps in their CRMs, and create panels of synthetic users for market, product and investment research.

Learn more about Yellowcake™️ and Supernova™️

Targeting precision

Custom and Lookalike audiences

Our Fusion™️ federated audience builder is an AI model that helps advertisers find the users most likely to convert: it finds them across the Fantix federation then pushes the audiences to ad marketplaces for targeting.

Cookieless ID resolution

Personalization and monetization of anonymous Visitors

LightID™️ is our solution to preserve addressability after the deprecation of third-party cookies. It helps identify up to 90% of visitors, including unlogged traffic.

Deep Learning

Finetune our models or train your own

Our models are turnkey. We can finetune them for greater accuracy when clients connect their data. We also offer access to our platform for federated machine learning and training of new models from scratch.

A Solution That Every Team Will Love


Our AI models help with CRM enrichment and product research. Gain insights into target markets, customers, competitors, and industry trends.


Acquire custom audiences to use across marketing channels. Leverage audience and customer insights to increase LTV.

Data & Analytics

Find out where else, when and how much your customers spend. All without complex pipelines and data engineering wizardry.

Legal & Corporate

Your user data is safe. Fantix only ever transmits hashed emails. Machine learning happens on premise to minimize privacy risks.

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