Federated Learning to Power
Free Enterprise
The shift to a privacy-first world is irreversible. Delivering personalized experiences without compromising consumer privacy requires a new approach to first-party data and predictive AI.
our vision

Democratizing access to AI

We want to become the first privacy-proof, decentralized Artificial Intelligence ecosystem. An infrastructure that businesses of all sizes can leverage to train models and evade the grip that Google, Meta, Amazon, Microsoft and Apple have on innovation through machine learning.

GenAI for tabular Data

models for CRM Enrichment and Lead Scoring

Fantix trains generative models to fill gaps in customer databases. A simple API call returns synthetic values (with probability scores) to help you complete your grasp of a user’s characteristics and interests.

Browse turnkey models


Consumer Intent, Demographic and Behavioral data.

Our models are trained on real-world demographic, offline purchase and online behavior data to predict user intent and impute customer attributes.

Federated Learning

Finetune our models or train your own

Fantix users can collaborate and train models without sharing user-level data. Connect with the federation by sharing anonymous, aggregated abstractions of your data.


Add a Revenue Stream

AI is only as good as the data used to train it. The magic of Fantix is in its ability to train models on data abstractions. If you choose to monetize with us, nobody – not even Fantix – needs to see your user-level data, but you will still earn for contributing to the collective knowledge of the federation.

A Solution That Every Team Will Love


Gain insights into target markets, customers, competitors, and industry trends. Join our GenAI Beta to test our CRM enrichment API.


Acquire custom audiences to use across marketing channels. Leverage audience and customer insights to increase LTV.

Data & Analytics

Find out where else, when and how much your customers spend. All without complex pipelines and data engineering wizardry.

Legal & Corporate

Your user data never leaves your premises. We don't need it. We don't want it. One more time: no user-level data ever leaves your server.

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Fantix powers data-driven but data-less collaborations that protect consumer privacy and business confidentiality.