Use Cases
Fantix has solutions for every stage of a company's growth

Retention and Lifecycle Marketing

eCommerce and subscription businesses use Fantix’s synthetic attributes for CRM enrichment to predict churn, create re-engagement programs, personalize price and promotions and develop Next Best Offer (NBO) models.

CRM Enrichment
Churn Prediction
Re-engagement Programs
Next Best Offer (NBO) Models

Product and Market Research

Far more accurate and less biased than quantitative and qualitative data obtained with sampling and consumer surveys, Fantix’s synthetic panels produce rows of realistic users that product teams, market research and investment firms use for prototyping, development, scenario analysis, and benchmarking.

Synthetic Panels
Scenario Analysis
Accurate Data

Media Platform

Retail Media Networks use Fantix panels to create lookalike audiences for their advertisers without accessing their first-party data or reliance on third-party cookies. We are also developing a use case for attribution and measurement of campaign lift.

Lookalike Audiences
Retail Media Networks
Attribution and Measurement
Campaign Lift

Recommendation Engine Augmentation

Tailor product listings to a user’s specific needs and attributes even when you don’t have a browsing or purchase history to work with. Fantix’s GenAI model is trained on large databases of credit card transactions, user demographics, and online behavior.

GenAI Model
Tailored Product Listings
User Attributes
Credit Card Transactions
Online Behavior