Train a model from scratch
Empower Your Business with Federated Machine Learning

Some businesses require a bespoke approach to AI solutions. If that is your case, we offer the ability to leverage our federated machine learning infrastructure and data federation capabilities, enabling you to train your own models from scratch.

Federated machine learning is the latest advance in AI, allowing for collaborative model training without compromising data privacy. By utilizing our federated infrastructure, you can train models across diverse consumer datasets while ensuring that your proprietary data remains secure and confidential.


Comprehensive data

Harness the power of diverse datasets from multiple sources in the Fantix federation. You can develop robust, high-performing models that benefit from a broader range of data inputs.


Enhanced Privacy and Security

With federated learning, data never leaves the premises of its owner. Instead, the model training process occurs locally, and only the model updates (not the raw data) are shared with the central server. This ensures that sensitive information remains protected.


Guidance and Support

Our team of AI and machine learning experts will support you throughout the entire process, from setting up the infrastructure to fine-tuning the models. We ensure that you have all the tools and knowledge you need to succeed.


Your intellectual property

You own the models you train on our platform. This ensures that all the insights, intellectual property, and competitive advantages derived from the models remain exclusively yours, providing you with a significant strategic asset.

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