Cookieless ID resolution

LightID™ is a unique, persistent, and anonymous identifier designed to facilitate the connection of user data across different devices and platforms while maintaining privacy. It replaces traditional cookie-based identifiers, which are becoming less effective due to increasing privacy regulations and changes in browser policies.

LightID™ helps businesses to create a unified view of their customers without compromising user privacy. This identifier is used to enhance marketing efforts, improve customer targeting, and measure campaign performance across multiple channels.

Trained by The Newco using Fantix's federated machine learning infrastructure and data partners, LightID™ is a probabilistic model capable of identifying anonymous visitors, boosting addressability to above 90%.


Start by Installing the JavaScript

LightID™ does not require complex integrations as it does not use personally identifiable information. All you need to get started is a JavaScript.


Add to your knowledge with yellowcake

Once users are identified, learn more about them by querying Yellowcake™, our model for consumer data enrichment.


Personalize customer journeys

Deliver dynamic and relevant content to users based on their current interactions and past behavior.


Build audiences

Use LightID™ to create targeting audiences to share (and monetize) via LiveRamp, Magnite, OpenX and other platforms. Connect to Fusion™ to help advertisers build lookalike audiences.

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