Data federation
Comprehensive consumer data is the backbone of our models.

AI is only as good as the data used to train it. Fantix is a federated machine learning infrastructure that taps into an extensive array of US consumer data sources. Our datasets encompass detailed demographics, comprehensive mobility patterns, in-depth consumer spending transactions (both SKU level and merchant level), rich insights into sports and entertainment preferences, and much more.

In total, our partners contribute insights into 300 million US consumers, and purchase transactions totaling over $3.5 trillion. But quality matters more than size: we prioritize raw sources over aggregated ones, and maintain high levels of data hygiene by constantly purging datasets that prove unreliable.


Location data

Incorporating location and mobility data into our federated machine learning infrastructure offers a significant advantage by providing rich, context-aware insights into consumer behavior.


300 million US consumers

The federation includes household, demographic, relocation, political orientation and other insights about nearly the entire US population.


Fan intelligence

Sports Innovation Lab contributes its fan data to the federation. The loyalty of sports fans often extends beyond sports, influencing their preferences in entertainment, fashion, and lifestyle products. Integrating sports fan data allows our models to uncover cross-sector trends and correlations.

Consumer spending

$3.5 Trillion worth of transactions

Sources of consumer transactions (at the merchant and SKU level) spanning over three years (2021-present) add crucial patterns to our models' knowledge of consumer behavior.

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