Consumer data enrichment

Yellowcake™ is a universal, generative model that is capable of predicting hundreds of attributes of a consumer without knowing the consumer’s identity. It is trained on a large variety of datasets of payment transactions (merchant and SKU-level), mobility data and demographics, and is over 90% accurate.

Brands, e-commerce companies and even publishers use Yellowcake™ for consumer data enrichment. By enhancing and updating their customer databases with demographic details, behavioral data, and brand affinity, our clients accomplish more personalized marketing, improved customer segmentation, and targeted communication. This leads to higher engagement, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, better sales and retention rates.

Clients can query Yellowcake™ via API and get a response in real time. No PII is needed to query the model: the most popular query method is to post RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) for each user – that’s all Yellowcake™ needs to return hundreds of probabilistic attributes.


Query the model without PII

For each user you want to learn more about, post anonymous attributes like RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value), demographics and more.


Receive synthetic attributes

The model returns hundreds of attributes about each user. The most commonly requested attributes are brand affinity and purchase behavior. Want to know which customers cheat on you with your main competitor? Yellowcake™ can tell you.


Put the insights to work

Take the insights and… go nuts! Personalize UX and lifecycle marketing, power a recommendation engine, send custom offers. From converting a first-time visitor to upselling and retention, there is no limit to the number of applications for this data.


Connect your data to enhance the model

Every use case is different: our models are effective but they still have a lot to learn. You can connect your data to Fantix to augment the model and mold it to better serve your specific needs. When you do, the model is yours - private unless you choose to share it.

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