Federated audience builder

Fusion™️ is a federated audience builder that creates lookalike and advanced targeting audiences for advertisers. Leveraging advanced deep learning techniques and federated data from multiple partners, this system ensures enhanced precision and privacy in audience targeting. It is particularly useful for advertisers aiming to expand their reach by finding new potential customers who exhibit similar behaviors and characteristics to their existing audience.

How it works: advertisers define segments to target or send us hashed emails (HEMs) of their seed audience. We then process these HEMs securely on the premises of our federated data partners. Using advanced deep learning algorithms, Fusion™️ identifies users who closely resemble the seed audience, ensuring precision targeting. Finally, we push these optimized audiences to programmatic marketplaces and/or Meta or Google. Fusion™️ has proven to be especially powerful when it generates audiences from our data partners that have mobility/location and transaction intelligence.


Identify the seed audience

Just like you would do for a lookalike campaign elsewhere, determine the seed audience you want to use and upload the relevant hashed emails securely to Fantix.


The model goes to work

Fusion™️ uses the hashed emails and its deep learning capabilities to find similar users in the databases of our federated data partners. It then maps the users it selects to relevant alternative IDs (Ramp ID, Meta ID, etc.).


Audiences are born

The alternative IDs are sent to LiveRamp and ad marketplaces for you to target. Where you use the audiences is your choice: we support most ad platforms and exchanges.


Run your campaigns

Use the audiences and send us feedback on the performance. One of our proudest moments happened when a client reported a 50% improvement in cost-per-install using an audience created with Fusion™️ for a campaign on Facebook.

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